Doing Well By Doing Good

KEENO! is children’s media with a mission.

At long last, children’s television needn’t waver between serving kids and serving them up to interested outsiders–whether toy marketers or politicians. KEENO! won’t compromise on quality, thanks to digital technology and proven subscription revenue models. 

  • Scalable cloud storage provides capacity for a deep, long-tail video collection.
  • Globally sourced programming, dubbed into English and Spanish, provides the holy grail of online video: an attractive, implicitly exclusive, content library.
  • Transparent, minute-to-minute revenue-share accounting incentivizes rights-holders, whose incomes scale as they license more shows to the collection.
  • Online analytics expand audiences by matching shows with kids’ interests and tastes.
  • Distribution algorithms, augmented by human+software moderation, insure that each family receives TV consistent with its values.

In short, KEENO! can reward investors with a sustainable enterprise, while providing responsive, socially responsible children’s entertainment–in partnership with public-service broadcasters and independent filmmakers around the world–guided by a Global Advisory Council of educators and entertainment professionals.

Doing well by doing good used to be wishful thinking. Today, it’s a sensible business model. We can deliver gorgeous, funny, thought-provoking video experiences to big kids without delivering their eyeballs to the highest bidder. It’s about time. But more than that, it’s about our families.

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